Re-routed Main Salmon Trip

Theresa Corelli | Salmon River, Idaho

We were headed down to Stanley to meet our group and start our trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon when we got a call that the smoke was to heavy to fly in and that our trip was going to be a no-go. It was a disappointing moment, but then we got word that we got a canceled permit from the Main Salmon, so we quickly shifted gears, turned around, and drove to Salmon to meet up with the others. The first few days were very smokey. It gave the river this mysterious and eerie feeling – it was very unique. Then on the morning of Day 4 we woke up after a light drizzle and everything was glowing in the sunshine. I think being socked in, changing our original plan, and all of the hiccups made us appreciate the beauty even more. It was an awesome trip that I’ll never forget.

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