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I have seen the most beautiful river in the world and wish it could be that way here too. This was an unprotected and unheard of place to most and...

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Wild and Scenic Rivers

Each summer one of the highlights for me is to canoe on the Wild and Scenic Rivers in Oregon. My time on these rivers gives me a sensory and spiritual...

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Growing up with blisters

I grew up paddling a canoe in creeks, rivers and lakes within driving distance of our North Texas farm. I learned the importance of stewardship, respect, and conservation on these...

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$0 Years Ago

I was taken on my first Delaware River canoe trip more than 40 years ago and I was blown away by the natural beauty and all the nature we witnessed.

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Urban Misadventure

I remember when I first got a kayak here in Spokane. I remember shivering in an empty parking lot waiting with anticipation as each passing car gave me hope for...

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The Chicken Raper

Chris Raffin, seen here in a river kitchen, was a pioneering young river guide during the 1970’s. She logged miles on the Yampa, the North Platte, the Upper Colorado, Cataract,...

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When water runs deep

Well what I can remember when going to the lakes or rivers, which were very fun memories. Ones which makes every child and adult happy. But now the water runs...

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Rivers of Life

Rivers give life especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Native Americans have been sustained for centuries by our harvest of the salmon that must have rivers to come back to...

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