Every river has a story. Every great story has a river.

We each have a unique river story – and we want to hear yours.

Your passion is your river – is it urban or rural? Big rapids or calm currents? Do you explore solo or with friends and family? Are you paddling across a watery expanse, or quietly contemplating its unique beauty from shore? Each of us has a story like this to share and there are many people across the land who want to hear them. What’s your river story?

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More Stories

Decades of River Floating

Since moving here over 30 years ago, my family has rafted down the American River every 4th of July. We are now into our 3rd generation of family that consider...

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Where Is There Not a River?

I grew up in the Midwest, far from oceans but near to rivers and lakes, and it was those bodies of water, the rippling, moving rivers and the clear, beckoning...

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My First Trip to a River

I was about 7 when we visited relatives in Big Fork, Mt. My family were not outdoor people, but this relative, Jack Whitney, really was. He lived on a mountain...

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Renewed life!!

I started paddling at 43 years old. I fell in love immediately, just on lakes in the canoe. I decided to give whitewater kayaking a try at 44 and LOVE...

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The Rivers of my Life

The first was Big Walnut where my dad tought me how to fish. The next was the Olentangy where OSU was located along. Then Alum Creek where I taught my...

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Salmon the Indicator Species

I grew up in New England and witnessed first hand what pollution and over fishing can do to the health of rivers. The Atlantic salmon which no longer has a...

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Born on the Water

My oldest son is very quiet and went into Boy Scouts as more of a wall flower than a born leader. His first major outing with the Troop was to...

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Rivers are LIFE

This is a photo of my beloved teenage granddaughter Paige, standing near Lake McDonald which is fed by a river as well as mountain streams. None of can survice without...

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