Protect 5000 New Miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers

Join us to protect wild rivers and public lands. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 2018, we are teaming up with partners to ask Congress to protect 5,000 new miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers and one million acres of riverside lands. And, we will make sure wild rivers flowing through public lands remain unharmed by development and pollution. We can’t do it without you. Add your voice today.

Message to Congress

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You Should Marry a River Guide

My “river moment” is really a high speed compilation of millions of moments that span the last 28 years (and counting), and has very recently given me my own wonderful...

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Winter on the Wild White Salmon River

Original Post I made a few years ago is here: Figured it would align well with the intention here! The White Salmon River runs down the slopes of...

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Winter on the Lower Salmon

“Bring an axe”, they said. “Just in case you need to chop through the ice to get to shore.” This sounded crazy, but I packed the axe and launched my...

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Wild Run

It was just before daylight on the Samish River. Wild run Coho and King salmon where stacked up in every deep pool in the river. Two guys on the opposite...

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Wild Nooksack

The sound of rushing water and songs of an ouzel draw me closer to the river. For years, as a mountain lover I passed by the Nooksack River on my...

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