Greyhound to Rapids Heaven

Margaret Halverson | Snake River, Wyoming

My father reconverted an old Greyhound Bus and we took numerous summer trips traveling the US, Canada, and Mexico. My sisters and I were middle school age when we started. Through high school age when we stopped. These were some of my fondest memories growing closer as a family! We all were open to months of free roaming wherever we wanted to go, and stayed at our favorite destinations for as long as we wanted. I was the youngest and always up for a great adventure! I can still picture us traveling in the Greyhound with the 6 man water raft on top, and Scenic Teton Mountains in the background. We were on our way to the Famous Snake River in Wyoming to attempt the Level 5 Rapids.

It took my breath away as I realized what I was about to experience! We easily seemed to whirl through a maze of rapids in this small man raft boat. As we maneuvered the river,
giant waves rose up to meet us splashing against our body, and pushing us towards the next series of mounting water rushes. My excitement climbed at each thrust of water surfacing higher and higher around us.

Then just as quickly, the river water calmed to a more mild current, we were able to float to a rock climbing edge. My father and I hitched a ride with a ranger to meet my mother who was waiting patiently praying in our bus. We then drove to meet my sisters who were safely waiting at river’s edge with our watered filled raft in tow. I have always marked this river adventure as the one I would return to someday! Now as a women in my 50’s, I’m listening once again to the call of The River Rapids and waiting my turn for the river’s challenge!

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