Wild Run

Paul Cain | Bow,Wa, USA

It was just before daylight on the Samish River. Wild run Coho and King salmon where stacked up in every deep pool in the river. Two guys on the opposite bank had already begun fishing which is illegal in Washington state. I see a guy walking the levee no fishing pole in hand. Light bulb moment “plain clothed” fish and game officer. Unbeknownst to me there was a second officer standing on the levee above me. They had been all three of us for awhile my gear and license was checked and was free to continue my day of fishing; meanwhile the other two guys were arrested and their gear and fish were seized as evidence. I caught the largest wild run Coho of my life about an hour later. Thank you to the fish game officers for the hard work and long hours to protect our rivers and animals that depend on them.

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