Bringing an American Family Together

Mike Harden | Buffalo River- TN

My wife and I have joined a very active kayaking group that has totally revved up our “empty nest” years. At a time when we were kicking back, taking it easy and enjoying having put 5 kids through college debt free… we found out what we were missing.

Since that first paddle, we have spent over $10,000 on kayaking equipment and I’m proud to say I recently camped in the back country of Yellowstone (Shoshone Lake at the “Narrows…” ). The last time I camped in a tent was 49 years ago…..but I loved it. We kayaked over 60 miles on that trip and literally pulled our kayaks upstream about 3 miles against 3′ river current to get up into Shohone Lake.

We NEED to continue to expand our preservation and investment into the “wilds” of our great country. I just wish everyone had a chance to experience the incredibly different world we have in our wild and scenic rivers. It’s REAL!

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