My greatest memories were created on or along the banks of a river

Shane Green | Ocoee River, Tennessee

I have always been drawn to rivers.  Not just for the whitewater, but for the beauty and power they seem to possess. My greatest memories were created on or along the banks of a river.

My father passed when I was just three years old.  I don’t have any shared memories with him. I’ve often wondered if somehow he passed a sense of adventure along to me.

Now that I’m a father, I take great pride and put much effort into sharing my love of rivers and the outdoors with my son. I’m trying to build memories he will be able to recall years from now.

Just this past weekend, he and I were on the banks of the Ocoee, just spending the day near water. He got my attention to point out that a raft was upside down. Not only did he get to watch as another guide and I assisted in getting the boat and the swimmers to safety. He was able to participate by helping hold the raft, talk with the people that were scared, and watch as we helped everyone get back on the river.

My son is seven; I look forward to hearing him tell about that day next year, ten years from now, 20 years from now. I want to see how he remembers it. It is now a shared memory he and I have, built on the banks of a river that I love. 

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