Love on the River

Mason Trumble | Kennebec River, Maine

Exactly five years ago I met a women from Connecticut when we were both hired to work at a rafting company for the summer. Our “river crush” quickly turned into something more serious! We dating long distance for a couple years but would always return to Maine to work together on the river. At the end of the summer, I “popped the question” and we were engaged! Unfortunately “real jobs” eventually moved us away from the river community and back to the city. However, we chose to get married back in Northern Maine near the Kennebec River. On the day before our wedding we took 70 of our friends and family down the Kennebec River to show them where our friendship was initially formed. Of course my wife dumped all her college friends out of raft and they took a long swim – some with smiles and others with big, scared eyes. Later that evening it was all laughs as we watched the pictures of the big flip! Although we live hundreds of miles from the river, we always return for one weekend each summer to re-experience some of the magic that brought us together. (The attached picture is my wife and I on the day before we got married.)

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