The Colorado with OARS

Andrew Abad | Colorado River, Arizona

It took the five of us 2 entire years to coordinate the trip that we took from Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash with O.A.R.S. While we knew that we would be in for something totally different than what we are used to, we could not have imagined what wonders were just around the bend. As we loaded into our rafts and had our first dips in the icy waters of the river I was extremely apprehensive; mostly because I was born and raised in Miami where the lowest water temperatures rarely squeak below 70 degrees. But, also because this was all completely alien to me, the climate, the topography, Everything! Since that trip, I have not stopped recounting my experiences to absolutely anyone who will listen. This experience was not only something that felt like a bit of an accomplishment (being away from modern conveniences is an accomplishment, ok!?) but also provided an awakening of sorts. One that I hope I can share with anyone who will listen.

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