The River of No Return

Murfee Jones | Salmon River, Idaho

When I reflect upon my experience floating down the Salmon River, I think about what it was like to fall asleep beneath dozens of shining stars. I am reminded of wild goats, horses and the stunning scenery that appeared everywhere I looked. Mostly, I focus on the tight knit community that blossomed as a result of living without technological distractions. Together we battled fierce rapids, picked hundreds of cherries, and enjoyed the sense of peace that stemmed from living simply.

With a wild and scenic river like the Salmon, all of this was made possible. The beauty and tranquility of the river is preserved without human improvements, so that we as Americans can truly be free of these restrictions that limit our interactions and our desire to work hard due to automaticity . Here on the Salmon, there is a strong sense of joy that comes from cooking pasta, rigging a boat, or setting up tarps because everything is earned. Wild and scenic rivers make us realize the value of hard work, the beauty of nature, and the importance of relationships with the people that surround us.

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