Every river has a story. Every great story has a river.

We each have a unique river story – and we want to hear yours.

Your passion is your river – is it urban or rural? Big Grand Canyon waves or your local creek? Do you explore solo or with friends and family? Each of us has a story like this to share, and there are many people across the land who want to hear them. What’s your river story? This month only (September 2018), Alpacka Raft is giving away a 2017 Black/Yellow Scout to one randomly-chosen person who submits their river story story through this web page. Your story may also appear on the Alpacka Raft blog. We can’t wait to read it!

Read the official sweepstakes rules.

Want to learn more about the campaign or share a different story unrelated to packrafting or whitewater? Visit 5000Miles.org

Photo by Luc Mehl

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**Note: your story should be at minimum three or four paragraphs long and should be an actual story that you might tell around the fire about a whitewater packrafting adventure. One-liners and captions for photos will not be considered stories.**

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Winter on the Lower Salmon

“Bring an axe”, they said. “Just in case you need to chop through the ice to get to shore.” This sounded crazy, but I packed the axe and launched my...

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Wild Run

It was just before daylight on the Samish River. Wild run Coho and King salmon where stacked up in every deep pool in the river. Two guys on the opposite...

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Wild Nooksack

The sound of rushing water and songs of an ouzel draw me closer to the river. For years, as a mountain lover I passed by the Nooksack River on my...

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