The 5,000 Miles of Wild® campaign enjoys the support of many sponsors and friends. We are grateful for their commitment to protecting Wild and Scenic Rivers for today’s communities and future generations.

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  • Nantahala Outdoor Center
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People of the Wild Rice

There isn’t much wild rice left anymore, but the river separating Wisconsin from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Menominee (which means People of the Wild Rice), has been bountiful...

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Our New World

My wife and I both grew up in muddy river country; I near the Arkansas and she near the Mississippi. Neither of us had any interest in venturing into these...

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Small But Significant

Pringle Creek could qualify as a river because it’s fairly large and swift as it flows through the middle of Salem, Oregon. It has a few tributaries, and one of...

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There I was setting on a Lg rock high above the Great Barren Lands River, the Hood. The only humans within hundreds of miles were my canoe mates down by...

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A River Encircles My Life

From an early age I was encouraged by my father to enjoy the many gifts that pour from the rivers of Texas. As a family we would visit a particular...

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“My” River Runs Through It

My River runs through our neighborhood. It is almost never exactly the same – sometimes boisterous and other times milder – when there isn’t a lot of snow melt or...

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A River That Many People Love

My friends have enjoyed the Chattooga River for many years. It forms the Northwest corner of South Carolina and the border of Georgia. It consists of five sections. The upper...

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Frogs and the Fox River

Every summer throughout my childhood, my family and I took a canoe trip on the Fox River, a lazy river about 40 miles west of Chicago. We would float silently...

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