It is my turn to pay it forward

Shawn Morford | Salem, Oregon

The Little North Folk of the Santiam River (LNF) was protected in the past 20 years through establishment of a Wilderness Area called Opal Creek W.A. Prior to the 1990s it was slated for harvest, but through the efforts of citizens and environmental organizations, together with federal elected officials, the water is free-flowing and sourced in the wilderness area.

We have a summer cabin on this river and we pump water from the river for our sinks and showers. Each time I take a shower, I feel the healing, untouched cleansing me like a baptism. It is also a part of the municipal drinking water for the city of Salem. It’s proof that citizen engagement and commitment does and can make a huge difference for generations to come. I am benefitting from the hard work of people before me whom I have never met. It’s my turn to pay it forward.

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