A River Woven Through it From Start to Finish

Darius Semmens | The American West

We discovered love, and wild rivers, on the Salt. Life was simple then – it fit in the back of a truck. We took advantage, exploring new rivers at every opportunity. We got engaged in the Grand Canyon, with a new beach chair serving as the token of promise. For our honeymoon we floated Muddy Creek through the San Rafael Swell, followed by the Dirty Devil River down to Lake Powell. The baby carriage was a raft and wild rivers a playground for our children. River time had become so important to us that we bought a cabin on the river in case the permit lotteries were unfavorable. The South Fork Salmon River in central Idaho is now the summer backdrop of adolescence for our children; for us it is the antidote to a life less simple than it once was. And our love story is only just beginning. We look forward to welcoming family and friends home to the river for many years and another generation yet to come. We have protected this privilege for our family; Wild and Scenic status would protect it for all.

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