Robert Green | Bitterroot River, Montana

A few years back on a beautiful summer day floating down the Bitterroot river, my fishing buddy and I were having little luck finding fish willing to participate in our fly fishing endeavor. On more than one occasion I joked with him that we needed to get down to the fish’s level to actually see if there were any fish in the river. At one area on the river we were running through large boulders and rocks and pockets of fast water. Although our guide was doing a great job of piloting, we did bump and twist around a time or two. However, at one point we bumped a rock, the raft pivoted left and then quickly right from the drag of the current. My fishing buddy went out of the raft head first into the river. Now it was not very deep and he was not hurt, but after he recovered his wits, he confirmed that indeed the were no trout in this river and that he now had first hand knowledge from his little “look-see”.

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