Back To Nature

Stacy McKinnon-Lake | Kickapoo River, Wisconsin

I’m a veteran. I’ve been on the front line of combat. Deployed multiple times with Marines as an FMF Corpsman. I’m female. It was tough but I believe in the greater good and that someone has to fight on the good side against evil. I suffered from severe PTSD when I came back to the city and it just became really hard for me to adjust. I found it more and more difficult everyday, especially all of the noise and lights. I moved out to a small town in Wisconsin and rediscovered long walks in the woods. Clean fresh air. Skinny dipping in clean rivers on hot summer days. Pretty soon my PTSD was becoming easier to deal with. I was able to reduce or even come off of medications. It’s been an incredible journey! I don’t regret a day of serving my country. And I love every day I get to spend on these beautiful rivers! America truly is Beautiful!

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